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senpoo I hope these rendered naked mole rat bakanezumi humanoids are good with you!!

something of a collab between me and eroproxy I’ve always wanted 2 do a collab with senpoo regardless of style difference I can rest happy now
altho eroproxy did most the concept work, I only colored eh heh

Diese Welt ist grausam
Es ist traurig aber wahr
Diese Welt ist seltsam
Es ist fraglich aber wahr

roughly planned out default poses for Blue +outdoor winter outfit. I think I’ll stick with one or two poses for a ‘base design’ and mostly just switch heads?? idk

maybe I’ll just tamper with templates as i go haha. but I think I’m starting the story in winter because I like cute winter clothes ok

I might also give her a cute wooly hat we’ll see

see I got the little firebuggers this year but it took me 2 hours and next time I’ll bring my tripod because this required like 100 shots (most of which were useless) and overlaying them where the bugs were to make it look like all one shot which means a tripod is really necessary and I only got this one pic due to resting camera on an electric box and clicking aimlessly for an hour haha

some tips for me to keep in mind when drawing Blue. my art is inconsistent but im trying to make it work to my advantage here

As of me postin this neither of these ladies are confirmed for hyrule warriors so I totally get dibs on trying my own hand at redesigns

ok but the funny thing is I drew those gauntlets on Nabooru before Ganondorf’s official design was released and in the end all I did was color them gold

in general Nabooru’s design was hard cause I wanted to go for ‘badass dark knut angry Nabroru’ and on the other I could not make pink work with that armor so I kept her clothes black

Medli was just a matter of adding more detail to a pretty plain (but adorable design oh gosh I love Medli so much)

pictures of fireworks I took this july 4th! sorry to post photo on a mainly illustration blog I just do photography so infrequently now there’s really nowhere else to put it aaah