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by visual density, I mean kinda like the level of detail across the whole picture that isnt necessarily focused in one place. it really creates an interesting style, esp with flowers and broken glass and cool visual effects. your art does it really well

That makes perfect sense to me, yeah! In school my teachers would remark that my art tends to be too ‘busy’ but I find I like to give people a lot of things to look at, even if by my standards it’s bare. Also employing things like line-of-sight (the way people’s eyes move from one object to the next depending on its size or color or relation to the rest of the pic)

I’m still learning to be more confident about my art but I think composition is one of the things I’m fairly good at (and color!! !)

the rest is a series of painful trial and errors ehehehe

once again thanks for your thoughts and encouragement anon. I hope you have a nice evening (or day, depending on where you are)

the visual density of your art is rly nice

aaaah thank you anon! Though I’m not sure particularly what you mean- did you mean like, that there’s a lot going on usually? Either way the encouraging comment made my night.

we’re likestarships in the sky

kariya pls do not die

I just did a livestream where for every song that came on i had to draw a character that reminded me of that song within the time limit of that song and it was a lot of fun bc watching people try to guess who you’re drawing as you frantically try not to make your sketches look like shit is always amusing

since everyone was a Fatefan I only did fate characters are these were the ones that came out ok (there were twice this many but they sucked)