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ok usin selfies for these is awkward but here are a few of the flower crowns sleep-ran and I make together. These are origami folded by her and hand-strung/glued with wire and beading by me. With the exception of the last one only the front parts have flowers, the backs are either ribbons or adjustable beaded wire after I realized that the more/bigger flowers you use the more ridiculous they look. The last one’s made from a lot of recycled materials so I call it ‘trash king’ but rly these are mostly nice materials and hard to make and we will probably list them on etsy soon. But if anyone has inquiries about a specific one or even a custom crown let me know, we do those too!


Pictures of the inside of a toy kaleidoscope in my room

these were actually pretty difficult to get!

doing some rough concept stuff to get a feel for the environment in stabilizer(!) and fixed the logo

idk why it never occured to me before to mimic the colored i with !

also my style is so weird now e h

I want to figure out how to do painterly backgrounds without killing my hand because even at this level of mush my hand hurts too much to keep going tonight

if I did do a visual novel I’d probably just…model my backgrounds and add cool filters, maybe just draw a few elements tbh otherwise I will never do this

'mystery person x'

who is this mysterious person

according to nintendo not their usual protagonist im up in the air as to whether they’re trolling but secretly hoping this really is like, Aryll or Zelda or something

doot doot all aboard the hype train -plays spirit tracks theme badly on the trumpet-


things in various stages of completion

also a really huge fate one that i decided not to bother with anymore it was too ambitious


Theres always that one weak bitch in the group that isnt down with ghost busting