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I just did a livestream where for every song that came on i had to draw a character that reminded me of that song within the time limit of that song and it was a lot of fun bc watching people try to guess who you’re drawing as you frantically try not to make your sketches look like shit is always amusing

since everyone was a Fatefan I only did fate characters are these were the ones that came out ok (there were twice this many but they sucked)



senpoo I hope these rendered naked mole rat bakanezumi humanoids are good with you!!

something of a collab between me and eroproxy I’ve always wanted 2 do a collab with senpoo regardless of style difference I can rest happy now
altho eroproxy did most the concept work, I only colored eh heh

Diese Welt ist grausam
Es ist traurig aber wahr
Diese Welt ist seltsam
Es ist fraglich aber wahr

roughly planned out default poses for Blue +outdoor winter outfit. I think I’ll stick with one or two poses for a ‘base design’ and mostly just switch heads?? idk

maybe I’ll just tamper with templates as i go haha. but I think I’m starting the story in winter because I like cute winter clothes ok

I might also give her a cute wooly hat we’ll see

see I got the little firebuggers this year but it took me 2 hours and next time I’ll bring my tripod because this required like 100 shots (most of which were useless) and overlaying them where the bugs were to make it look like all one shot which means a tripod is really necessary and I only got this one pic due to resting camera on an electric box and clicking aimlessly for an hour haha