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WIP original project stuff but too tired to keep up for tonoiiiight bye


this is my favorite 3sum because it’s also a 4sum but there are only 2 people and only one of them is real probably

As a lot of you know I’ve been trying to do a storybook version of PMMM based on a poem I wrote a while back (which for the sake of being absolutely annoying, I won’t translate this to)

At some point I realized that someone had made a canon-accurate Witch Runes font and decided that it was even more fun ‘reading’ it that way because you can only guess what it says (unless you want to translate)

I may fix these up a bit, come up with a real cover, and sell them (the prints did ok at the con I attended but prints in general sold poorly and now I have a whole bunch left but idk let me know if you’d be interested in this book (or perhaps a version with the english nursery rhyme in it even though it looks less creepy. But you CAN translate these runes. They spoil the plot of Madoka Magica obviously. eheheh)

Commission for sinousine, her character who is a gender-swapped Count Dooku from Star Wars. I will admit to knowing absolutely nothing about Star Wars, but anyway this is a very elegant lady and um she gets her head and hands chopped off and she has a rose motif so I went with a kinda utena-esque thing where her blood was turning into rose pedals.

also I thought it would be kinda funny to chop the drawing in half on tumblr where her body is chopped cause im dumb

I was thinking earlier that one of my biggest issues with commissions was that people don’t specify what exactly they want. And I was thinking it would be easier if it was like ordering a pizza online. You see how easy that is? So basically you pick one thing from each image (last one is optional to encourage people to commission the types of things i already like to draw) and all of those prices total up (give or take because I like to discuss these things ahead of time with people)

If anyone can do me the favor of signal boosting I’d be grateful D: I haven’t done commissions in a long time and last time I did the person was a con artist who was going to take his pic and run. I could really use the money though and I’ve improved a lot again so…maybe this time? Thanks a bunch ;_;

*also note that the ‘head shoulders knees and toes’ thing is a joke, it means headshots, waist-up, an full-body.

I will also negotiate prices on animations come on who doesn’t love those


This world is so cruel
truth can be unbearable
this world is so strange
weird and sometimes terrible

This world is so cruel

It’s sad but it’s the truth.



frame by frame is so weird

that time my OC was accidentally sleepy-running

also I never drew her ear (I told myself I’d fix that part last) hence it flaps as she breathes

adorable MCs sorry i keep uploading and deleting i just get really self concious about choppy unfinished animation but i’m going to force myself to go to bed so i can’t delete it anymore